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Ascend Group was established in January 2015 and is committed to providing exceptional results for its clients while also focusing on achieving customer satisfaction. It is a fast-growing management consulting firm that has expanded its portfolio of clients and range of services exponentially during the brief duration of its existence. 


We harness change to transform organizations beyond boundaries, that optimize potential and empower business to thrive in the digital age.


We focus on creating value for our clients through seamless service that aligns the right potential with businesses to meet the challenges of continual growth.


Experiential Learning at Ascend strives to disconnect individuals from their daily routines, allowing them to self-reflect and discover themselves. It allows them to think of themselves and people around them in a completely new way. 



We work with industry leaders through a full-range of solutions that empower data-driven compensation and reward systems to optimize performance and sustain market competitiveness.


Ascend has recently incubated Kamayi, which is an affordable end-to-end recruitment solution, that aims to make SME hiring in Pakistan faster, easier, and reliable. From job posting to candidate onboarding, Kamayi works as an extension of the employers and assists them in their journey of finding, hiring, and then retaining their top talent. 


Stepping into the future - Nomad is all about creating a hemisphere of boundless opportunities that connect fresh talent from across cultures and regions with top companies, to develop leadership and transform visions into reality. 


“Thank you all for one of the best training I have attended in my career. Very relaxed but so thought provoking. Thank you!”


 – Ali Rashid, Dettol, Reckitt Benkiser 

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