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The Young Professional Leaders Bootcamp is a transformative four day program against the mesmerizing backdrop of the scenic Northern peaks of Pakistan. This four day enchanting affair with four incredibly enlightened individuals will help you find your spark in life. The bootcamp will not just be another networking opportunity for you all, rather it will be a short institutional period which will look to dust off your leadership prowess and equip you with the skillset which will make you the change makers in today’s evolving landscape. This bootcamp will be a steppingstone for young professionals like you to greater heights and will help you grow professionally and personally. The bootcamp, spread across four breezy summer days, promises to leave a perennial impact on your professional career and will enable you to become a more refined version of yourself.



Episode 1 -
Hira Siddiqui

Episode 3 -
Kanwer Anwer Saeed

Episode 2 -
Ajlaan Raza


Kanwer Anwer Saeed

Lead Facilitator

Kanwar is a connector and passionate individual who designs interventions to guide people into profound self-discovery, realizing sense of purpose and connection to build communities of vulnerability and authenticity.

Zainab Khan.jpg

Zainab Khan

HR Professional &Trainer

Zainab uses customized approaches for human development including talent and personality assessments, executive coaching, and leadership development, thus allowing participants to overcome obstacles and creating lasting communities.

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Hira Siddiqui


Having a good interpersonal mastery, Hira works in close liaison with experts, to design the entire experience for participants where they not only learn but get an opportunity to develop themselves personally and professionally. Her role as a co-facilitator is to provide for individual developmental needs and ensure energy management throughout the entire process.


Ajlaan Raza

Yoga Instructor & Facilitator

Ajlaan a corporate slave turned, facilitator and yoga instructor. His passion for movement led him to "deviate" from his "normal" life and study yoga, partner acrobatics, slack-lining and therapeutics.

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