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Initiated in 2019, the program prioritizes participant team-building and encourages women to questions, challenge and share new ideas, allowing them to foster relationships that last beyond organizational boundaries & aids them in their professional development. As an incubated initiative of the Jaulian Project, the Resilient Women Collective (RWC) arose as a desire to create a platform for Pakistani women to connect in a safe zone and share stories to reclaim their power in public spaces. It is a process where women learn to break mental barriers created to prevent them from realizing their fullest potential. By fostering human connection, empathy, and self-awareness, the end goal is for women is to lead self-propelled solutions to problems they face in their communities.


Resilient Women Collective - 2022

The second edition of the Resilient Women Program was held in 2022 – female professionals from a variety of diverse industries attended the program. Over the course of four days, the Wilderness Trail connected women to enhance professional development and self-reflection by using nature as a backdrop.


Kanwer Anwer Saeed

Lead Facilitator

Kanwar is a connector and passionate individual who designs interventions to guide people into profound self-discovery, realizing sense of purpose and connection to build communities of vulnerability and authenticity.

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Zainab Khan

HR Professional &Trainer

Zainab uses customized approaches for human development including talent and personality assessments, executive coaching, and leadership development, thus allowing participants to overcome obstacles and creating lasting communities.


Episode 1 -
Hira Siddiqui

Episode 2 -
Ajlaan Raza

Episode 3 -
Kanwer Anwer Saeed

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